Why Lease Equipment?

Conserve Capital:
You conserve your capital with 100% financing. If you invest the conserved capital in your business and compound the earnings, you offset a substantial portion of the leased payment.

100% financing allows you to include maintenance/service contracts, freight, installation and other related services into the finance amount. Rather than tying up your bank line of credit or using other operating funds, with leasing you have established an additional line of credit.

Inflation Can Work For You:
You make inflation work for you not against you by paying with tomorrow's progressively less valuable dollars. If you buy with today's dollars, the tax dollars you recover tomorrow through depreciation are progressively less useful to you.

Provides a hedge against inflation. New and up to date equipment is obtained today and paid for with tomorrow's dollar.

Expand your budget by freeing capital funds to build inventory, add space or personnel, or enlarge your business.

Level Payments:
Monthly payments on a lease are generally fixed for the entire term of the lease. This enables you to budget and manage equipment dollars for the months and years ahead.

Through leasing you also protect yourself from fluctuations in the money market. Since most leases are quoted at fixed rates, the payment remains the same throughout the term of the lease. Planning for future growth and development becomes more practical.

Tax benefits can make leasing attractive: Over the length of the lease, the tax savings pay for the lease financing. : Depreciation benefits enable you to deduct rental payments as regular operating expenses. Therefore, if you are subject to the alternative minimum tax, you can benefit because the lease payments are not considered as tax preference items.
Leasing is cash flow management: Leasing keeps your lines of credit open.Credit is not tied up in equipment that could be used for other investments, working capital, short term needs or as a reserve for the future. In addition, it allows you to avoid costly down payments. Other advantages include off-balance sheet financing. Leasing helps to better manage your assets and liabilities.

Leasing adds Flexibility:
Do you have an irregular stream of income? Your business conditions, cash flow, equipment needs and tax situation dictates the terms and conditions of your lease. Regardless of the current interest rate environment, you will be able to acquire equipment.

Leasing is protection against equipment obsolescence:
Are you exhausted of working with obsolete equipment? Leasing allows you to return the equipment or secure an upgrade at the end of the term. Furthermore, your equipment needs may change over time due to expansion. Leasing allows you to keep your options open.

Leasing is convenience in equipment management:
By leasing, you transfer the uncertainties of asset management, which allows you to concentrate on making the asset a productive part of your business.

Leasing can overcome budget limitations:
Do you have a capital expenditure budget that has no room for the purchase of new equipment, but an operating budget that has plenty of room for low monthly lease payments. For as little as the first and last monthly payments, you can start using your equipment.

Leasing allows you to obtain the equipment you need:
Why should you have to wait to gain the additional profits and benefits of your equipment? With a lease you pay for the equipment as you use it.